Alert over beehives

THE National Bee Keeping Association in Fiji is calling on beekeepers to be wary of the spread of virus and unwanted pathogens when beginning hives for their farm.

honey bees

Ministry of Agriculture’s national co-ordinator Honey Industry, Kamal Prasad said a viral strain for bees had been found in the West.

Speaking at the bee farming symposium in Dreketi, Mr Prasad said they were calling on farmers in the North and around the country to be very cautious when getting hives from other areas. “We warn farmers to work with our agricultural officers who will recommend hives to be used by farmers,” he said.

“Our office is open to farmers who want to implement new hives in their farms and they can always approach us to assist them to select clean disease free hives.

“Sacbrood virus was recently found in some bee farms in the West and this is the reason we are appealing to farmers about the need to have their hives examined.”

Mr Prasad said it was better for bee farmers to act now before the virus got out of hand and affected other bee farms in the country.

“Farmers need to work with our office and be careful when selecting hives for their farms.”

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