Results reveal high crop for honey bees in South East

Beekeepers in the South East of England produced the second highest amount of honey in the country, a new survey revealed today.

British Beekeepers Association’s annual Honey Survey reported an average yield of 36 lbs per colony in the region this year- 4lbs ahead of the national average of 32lbs.



Beekeepers in the East of England came out on top with the highest production of honey in the country at 37lbs per colony. The survey highlights a 28 per cent increase on the 29lbs per hive reported by East of England beekeepers in 2013.

Conducted amongst 2,000 beekeepers across the country, the survey explores the current year’s honey yield and the factors affecting honey bee colonies and honey production.

Adopt A Hive

Adopt A Hive

Here are the results for the South East region:

  • 2011: 29.3 lbs per hive
  • 2012: 7.3 lbs per hive
  • 2013: 27.1 llbs per hive
  • 2014: 35.9 lbs per hive
  • BBKA Director of Public Affairs, Tim Lovett, commented on the increased amount of honey this year.

    While this increase is great news for beekeepers and honey bees, the historic average is 40lbs plus per hive so there is still some way to go if we are to return to our most productive.

    Beekeeping has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity in recent years and it is crucial that we do not lose the momentum. Honey bees are essential pollinators and vital contributors to food production


    “These very precious creatures still need all the help we can give,” he added.

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