Dad stung by swarm of hornets while walking at nature reserve

A father fled in terror as he was stung 37 times by a swarm of giant “super-wasps” at a nature reserve.

David Williams-Jones, 42, told how “thousands” of the giant European hornets swarmed around him when he accidentally stepped on a nest.

He was chased by the swarm of the hornets up to two inches long after he stood on a nest while out walking with 10-year-old son.

My son began running and thankfully got away, but I was attacked by a swarm of hornets that kept stinging me despite me trying to flee.

They could’ve killed my son if he hadn’t got away.


The pair were walking at the Kenfig National Nature Reserve near Port Talbot, when he was attacked.

The father, of Bassaleg, Newport, was left “traumatised” – and he has nightmares of being attacked by the insects.

Driver David said: “The attack has left me traumatised and it has had a massive impact on my life as I sometimes have visions and nightmares of flying insects attacking me.

wasps tree destroyed preston

wasps destroyed preston

“I have heard stories in the past where hornets have killed the young and the elderly, so I am incredibly thankful that my son managed to get away.

A sting from the giant two-inch insect can require hospital treatment due to their extremely painful stingers.

A spokesman for Bridgend County Borough Council, who run the nature reserve, said: “We’d encourage anyone who thinks they may have spotted one to contact us so we can investigate further.”

The large hornets are thought to have come over from central Europe during the summer months, and there have been several reported sightings across England and Wales.

The pain of a sting from the “super wasp” can last up to four days, but the are not thought to pose a danger unless they feel threatened.

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