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Stung by a wasp while clearing poppies

Stung by a wasp while clearing poppies The ladybird poppies, fire-engine red with jet black centres, had flopped in the rain, their flimsy petals scattered across the path. Cutting back the plants, it took me a moment to process what … Continue reading

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Young girl stung 30-40 times by wasps in the Staffordshire Moorlands

A young girl suffered between 30 and 40 wasp stings after she slipped on leaves and disturbed a wasp nest in the Staffordshire Moorlands. The horrible incident happened in woods near Upper Cotton just before 4.00pm on Thursday afternoon. An … Continue reading

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New Zealand Features Honey Bee on World’s First Silver Hexagonal Coin with Resin Inclusion

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand has unveiled (August 1) a new coin paying homage to the humble honey bee, or Apis mellifera. The honey bee is an integral part of our lives, providing honey while pollinating flowers and plants … Continue reading

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