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Pesticides making bumblebees lose their buzz, says new report

Pesticides are causing bees to lose their buzz which vibrates the flower and shakes out the pollen, according to a new study. Stirling University researchers have said bees exposed to neonicotinoids fail to learn how to buzz properly and in … Continue reading

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Waggle Dance

The waggle dance” is a movement performed by a honeybee at the hive or nest, to indicate to other bees the direction and distance of a source of food. This little video breaks it down. How can honeybees communicate the … Continue reading

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Organic honey is a sweet success for Cuba as other bee populations suffer

When the Caribbean state was no longer able to afford pesticides – which have been linked with declining bee populations – it made a virtue out of a necessity   Long known for its cigars and rum, Cuba has added … Continue reading

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UN report calls for global action to restore pollinators

A United Nations report on pollinator decline blame loss of habitat, climate change and farming changes, and calls for a range of measures including “bee highways” and tougher controls on new pesticides. Prepared by an international team of experts including … Continue reading

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Environmental groups order government to keep restrictions on insecticides as renewal date looms

  Seventeen of the UK’s leading wildlife, conservation and environment groups are calling for the current EU restrictions on neonicotinoid insecticides to be retained – and extended to all crops – to ‘protect Britain’s bees’. In an open letter to … Continue reading

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