South Africa/Sri Lanka match delayed due to bizarre reason

South Africa/Sri Lanka match delayed due to bizarre reason

A buzz like no other in Johannesburg today as a swarm of bees invaded the One Day International match between South Africa and Sri Lanka.

An unusual invasion took place at the Wanderers Stadium as the stinging swarm of insects dropped players to the floor.

The bees invaded the pitch in the middle of the 26th over, leaving the crowd with more than they bargained for.
Play was temporarily abandoned, however, another battle began.

It was the groundsmen versus the the sea of black and yellow that became the spectacle.
It appears fast bowler Chris Morris is quick thinking too, as he suggested the use of a fire extinguisher to terminate the presence of the bees and continue play.

A temporary strategy from the cricketer with some success being seen, but the bees were not going down without a fight.

The groundsmen were defeated. It was plan ‘bee’ that needed to be taken to bring an end to the madness.

A professional beekeeper was summoned, gaining his claim to fame as he walked out to a packed Wanderers stadium to battle the swarm.
What did the trick? Honeycomb.

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Before long, the bees took the bait and how sweet a victory it was for the man of the hour as play was soon resumed.

It was over 65 minutes that the bees established their presence on the pitch, crashing the party and causing havoc in the international test.

An unusual day for cricket with the attention being diverted from the game and to a comical display of a battle against a sea of insects.

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