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A new suspect in bee deaths: the US government

As scientists race to pinpoint the cause of the global collapse of honey bee populations that pollinate a third of the world’s crops, environmental groups have indentified one culprit: US authorities who continue to approve pesticides implicated in the apian … Continue reading

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Vanishing of the Bees and How it Relates to Autism

I went to see the Vanishing of the Bees last week with my teenage daughter. She came as a favor to her “composting- buy at the local farmers’ market- mother”, but walked away educated and engaged. Ever since, she happily … Continue reading

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Bayer’s Bee Care Program Just A Front?

On November 18, Bayer CropScience celebrated the opening of their Clayton Bee Care Center, purportedly “a 1,200-square-foot facility which will create new approaches and solutions to benefit pollinator health and the global food supply.” On the announcement, beekeepers issued their own advice … Continue reading

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