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Why Infants Should Not Eat Honey

Most people have become aware that infants should not eat honey. There is always a chance of Clostridium botulinum (botulism) bacteria lurking in honey and the problem comes when these bacteria grow in the infant’s intestinal tract. Babies with infant botulism are constipated … Continue reading

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Profit for their fears

“BEFORE we used to hide whenever we saw bees, but now the fear has vanished and we love chasing after the bees,” said Anju Radha Chauhan with a smile. The president of the Civicivi Maha Shakti Women’s Club in Lautoka, … Continue reading

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Can mini scorpions save the dying bee?

A massive global decline in bee populations has given beekeepers and scientists cause for concern. A scientist from Hamburg says that the introduction of tiny book scorpions could keep bee populations alive. Behind an unassuming grey door in a first-floor … Continue reading

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Stunning photos show the ancient tradition of honey hunting in Nepal

Twice each year, the Gurung tribespeople of Central Nepal risk their lives collecting wild honey from the world’s largest hives high up on Himalayan cliffs. Travel photographer Andrew Newey recently spent two weeks capturing this ancient but dying art. “For … Continue reading

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Women Work to Save Native Bees of Mexico

So much bee news lately is gloomy, I thought it would be nice to highlight a happy story. Central America has a centuries-long history of native bee keeping; the Madrid Codex, one of three surviving Mayan books, describes bees and beekeeping … Continue reading

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